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Why draft Profit & Loss Statement Five times in a year?

You can find out how business is growing and whether it is making a profit or not.
Inland Revenue Service is not comfortable if you withdraw money regularly from your limited company business.
If your business is doing well, you can find out your potential VAT and tax liabilities and decide how much money you can withdraw and spend while the year is in progress and you can plan the budget and pay minimum tax.
If your business is not making profit, you cannot declare dividends.
As all your records are balanced on a quarterly basis, it will lead to fewer questions or perhaps no questions from the tax authorities.
By reconciliation of records, we can eliminate any potential problems even before they arise.
STR Accountants is a dynamic and innovative accounting and consulting firm providing wide variety of diversified services and practices to our current and potential clients. They range from routine bookkeeping to business start up advice to stock exchange reporting requirements for medium size businesses. For a closer look at the range of services and practices we can provide you or your business please refer to our services section.

Get Your Weekend Back! No More Bookkeeping

If you are a Contractor, Self Employed, Sole Trader or owner of a small business, why not let us take care of time-sheets, expenses, invoicing, bookkeeping and payments?

Do You Think You Are Paying Too Much Tax?”
Let us review your current tax position, and see if there is a more tax efficient route.
It’s Self Assessment Taxation Time
Let us help you with your self assessment tax returns by getting them completed and submitted. Then you can forget about them for another year.